At African entrepreneurs skills development   we   look at leadership as a fundamental what is Responsible Leadership?

• Responsible leadership is defined as the “act of ethical, values- based leadership in pursuit of economic and social progress and sustainable development”. It provides the mindset within which corporate governance should take place. It also suggests that the organization should take ownership of the consequences of their business activities on an economic, social and environmental level. It follows that business has two main responsibilities in the form of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and corporate sustainability.

“Through entrepreneurship skills is where opportunities are, among the young people

to get the chance to work for themselves out of poverty but where are those people who real have what is needed as entrepreneurship educators?

Is it that every successful business person is a true entrepreneur?

It’s an obligation of every country to have young people getting involved into economic uplifting

The future of the world economies especially in developing countries lies in among the individuals who are willing to take risks, and employ others” we  have  involved in just  to mention  but a few

Our track record

African entrepreneurs’ skills development started with the main aim of getting involved into:

-Mobilizing the youth in and around Johannesburg -Working with Johannesburg central police station /community police forum mainly focusing on awareness campaigns especially among the youth.

- We were part of the team   made it happen with Fifa 2010 local organizing committee (hospitality. Language support, volunteer management, medium tribune broad casting area.)

-We have participated and contribute to workshops example the workshop organize by monitor Africa  in collaboration with world council of church. To identify the challenges faced by women and children on African continent .We set down solutions in context of entrepreneurship,

- Currently we are working with Interfaith action for Peace in Africa

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